Wacky as it gets…. 900HP NOS

22 08 2007

hey ppl… as usual was jobless and browsing video clips… check what i found… it is as wacky as it gets… that too on a van….!!! sorry embedding is not possible on metacafe plz visit the link below to get to the video it is worth it….

900 Horsepower On NOS


FATSTEST “maruthi 800” in the world

9 06 2007

watch this video of an old m 800 getting 170bhp in its hood, well actually up its a$$, n getting unbeleivably fast. enjoy n put up ur comments


Animals Vs Cars Part 1

8 06 2007

Its been just another boring holiday day. So today since i am so jobless, i have come up with a equally jobless article. Today is the comparison between cars and animals. Yeah this has been an age old joke and a great time pass. But this time we are going to look at it in a scientific method :D. Btw this has been totally inspired by a crazy conversation in top gear about animals.


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My Dream Ferrari

8 06 2007

Hey guys… was just bored so was browsing around You tube. This aint such great clarity but its my dream car fantastic road and i’ll bet the cops had heart attacks. This is the only ferrari i really liked. Ok there are some more but this tops the list.

p.s. Try figuring out the car !!


Courtesy of : You Tube member stanco13