Safari to Mahabs

8 07 2007

Suren what happened da? When are we going on that morning trip to Mahabs? Next weekend? Any other bigger plans?? 😀




7 06 2007

guys why not we have a short bike ride till mahabs may be in the next week days, its been a while since redliners turned 2 wheels, so decide date n timings.

Continuation of next please

7 06 2007

hey guys…. still no comments for the 1st 2 plans?? anyways here comes the third one a day at tada falls what do u ppl say??


Next Please

6 06 2007

hey guys…. we seem to be picking up steam again…. Now till now we have been plannin trips over phone and just got it over with. This time i think we can put up the ideas here so tht it may be of some use some other time.

Plan 1:

1. Leave for bangalore saturday morn.

2. Roam bangalore for the day.

3. Leave for falls next day morn.

4. Come back to bangalore and depart.

Plan 2:

The other more tragic plan is this plan but more easy to organize.

1. Head for pondy in the morn.

2. Return back in the eve.

Plz post comments and updates of what we can do there and timings. This is just the base outline.