Ducati 1200 Superbike in demand for racing :

17 07 2007

Ducati have created a buzz  in the minds of the japanese big four by getting permission to race a 1200cc V twin ! and they ve already started testing it and it already looks likely to be the best bike to run next season , and the demands from various teams have started  rising ! and Ducati have released a statement that they won t be able to build enough superbikes and it will be limited.


Ducati’s WSB boss Davide Tardozzi has revealed that they won’t be able to build enough of their 1200cc Superbikes to meet demand. Tardozzi claims that there is massive interest from teams to run the new bike but the factory will only be able to produce ten to 14 motorcycles for 2008.

The official factory team will get four motorcycles with Airwaves Ducati set to take delivery of another four regardless of whether they race in BSB or WSB. Ruben Xaus’ Sterilgarda squad will be in line for two motorcycles leaving other teams hanging on to see how many motorcycles Ducati can build and their availability.

For more on this chec this article on >>MCN<<




Buell 1125R

14 07 2007

buell 1125R.. built from the rider downhttp://www.cycleworld.com/article.asp?section_id=3&article_id=398

check this new ride from buell out.. its the first liquid cooled buell to come out n its out to eat the the other twins for breakfast, lunch n even dinner.. looks very very promising.. n knowing buell n his engineering ingenuity its sure to rockkk n upset the biggies..

umm umm umm.. i want one nowww..

also chk out the promo video from mcn: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzkRAbfHI6M

another video of niall mackenzie on the barber track: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tm2IBDs2Wlg

watch out!!

chk this link out its more detailed: http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/Article_Page.aspx?ArticleID=4960&Page=1

Err VICTORY vision tour??

14 07 2007


Guys these are the real production model pics of the long anticipated VICTORY motorcycles VISION TOUR bike ! …well this does nt actually look like a bike ! i personally feel its like a bath tub with a motor and lights all around ! ..and yeah americans love bath tubs ! so lets wait and see how this motorcycle like thing fairs in the market !


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8 07 2007

Its here ! the most expected busa upgrade built to beat the kawasaki ZZR1400 is here,but does it ! we ll have to wait for the official road tests to confirm it !


The new HAYABUSA will have a all new 1340cc engine and it is expected to produce a output of arnd 198bhp ..enough to propell the vehicle from 0-100 in 2.5 secs ! ..the busa is expected to have a top speed limited to 300 kmph ! and the bike is being completely redesigned ! and we here at redliners are nt big fans of the busa s looks and even the new design did nt impress us much ! but wait this is how the bike will cut through air ! .. sexy isn t it !? Stay tuned for more updates ! click this for the busa s history lesson 😀


The new bike is expected to go on sale from October 2007 !



Exclusive : TVS Apache RTR VDO

27 06 2007

First on the net in a blog that is ! the vdo of the new apache RTR , well TVS are moving places chk out this vdo on the all new’ pulsar 180 beater’ as claimed by TVS.. the Apache indeed looks like the GSXr1000 for our tracks!!!

PoweRband >>


The most powerful naked bike ever: the SUZUKI B KING

27 06 2007

Suzuki B-King

The suzuki B-king is all set to become the most powerful naked bike ever when its specifications are revealed later this week .Insiders say that the bike is set to produce a whooping 184 bhp which is apparently 2 bhp more than the 2007 GSXr 1000 …and now if those figures are true …the B king would officially become the worlds most powerful naked production bike in the history of motorcycles!

Click this for the entire article in MCN :



THEY ARE HERE !!!the R1 and the MT 01 >>>

19 06 2007

Yeah friends its true , the new law on the 800 cc plus import bikes has really eased the entry of the biggies into the country ! yamaha one of the companies trying to get back their image as a performance bike manufacturer in the country have already sent their R1 and the MT 01 for homologation to ARAI , the R1 is might be priced near to 9 lakhs ! so all u bike enthusiasts start saving up ! these bikes could be on sale by the end of the year !

check this link for the news :


R1<<< The Fantabulous YAMAHA R1
MT O1<<<The Stylish YAMAHA MT O1