What we are all about….

cruising..... every day we see people out with their cars and bikes in the city traffic crawling at 40 kmph, but among this group there are some true riders and drivers for whom the inner core urges for more and stays hungry. Then when the dawn arrives, the beast wakes up…. in a city filled with pothholes more than tar on roads … the only relief would be the ecr. The 3k and 4k rpm disappear, the engine roars ..and the meter stays near the redline for the whole morning … meet the redliners .. a group of car and bike fanatics .. who rip down the roads ..kill time and miles ..try watever is possible to get the feel of pure speed..where 2 digit speeds are forgotten and the three digit speeds run through the blood …


-powerband and need4nos

The Team


Ok to tell you the truth i feel kind of dumb doing this… but hey it is always nice to put a bit of self praise. Yup i am a vetti college guy with too much of time in my hands and this is one of my fav past times. I have a uno for myself but i like to steal my dad’s palio :D. Generally about me, im a car person, slave to heavy rock and i love to drive people up the wall…. to get to know more about me email me. Another of my favorite things to do is snap 😀 (dont misinterpret im a photograher). I have a olympus e-500 and kind of gets stuck to me at any occasion…. chk out the snaps.. K u wanna knw anymore abt me catch me at orkut.

-need4nos <ravishankaris@gmail.com>


I shall ask the man to fill it up soon 😀


4 responses

16 11 2006

otha goya suren, join me in this group we’ll make it BIG

26 08 2008

yoooooo…..this yamaha is bitches….

27 02 2009

hey guys you should come to vegas!………….

1 09 2011
Rohit Sharma

I like that there’s a members page…..now as i also am in coll i m finding this interesting…good job !!

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