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the ghost rider This is a small community growing at a very erratic rate. In the last trip there were nearly 10 of us. This site made specially as a meeting place for this community. Other than that, yup it is my photography. First and foremost for a person to join this community, they should have a passion for either car or bikes and travelled with us for atleast one trip. To accompany us on our trip, jus check out this site regularly… we will be putting up notices in advance. Please feel free to contact us if u need any info. :-). Btw as a last word this community does not believe in rash, drunk or thoughtless riders/drivers. oh yeah comment here for your application 😉


p.s. c u soon. We are waiting for people to join. 😀


16 responses

13 12 2006

hey ravi, get me on board dude…… n lets keep the name of this site jus redliners n chuck that east coast away

13 12 2006


14 02 2007

Hey all bikers……n car nuts…..this is prashanth…..total car n bike nut………!!

6 06 2007

get me on board dude..

6 06 2007

Way to go guys…. Awesome fun travelling is..

6 06 2007

its good to know a couple of automobile junkies now isnt it?

11 06 2007

Hey dude…
Ill be joining u guys soon….

19 06 2007

My kid, my wife and I do atleast 1 or 2 trips a week to Mahabs or Pondy. We drive a 800 (nothing more, nothing less). It’s cheap to maintain, so we spend on keeping it spruced up. It give fantastic mileage. Suits our obsession with driving. We’re from Coimbatore. So the automobile and travel bug is strongly ingrained in us. Would be glad to meet up.

Requires that I drive carefully, responsibly (it’s not too high on the safety mechs).

19 06 2007

Chk ur mail Mr.Grab !


16 07 2007

Hi! good work.. will be on board soon.. nice work .. keep it up. especially suren.. good work man…

26 08 2007

Hey guys,

Was searchin for a active chennai based biker community …glad i found one….I have nothin more than a activa…gettin agood bike soon….love to meet you guys and not to mention photography is one of my majors in my course so I’d love to see more of this great city :)) looking forward to hearin frm ya guys…

cheers !
ragav : ))

7 04 2008

Even me wants to join teh community, Wanted to know do we even a have a Mumbai wing of the club

17 08 2009

guess my search ends here! hi fellow bikers! lets munch miles together!

5 09 2009

HI Guyz…….. 🙂 I’m buying a pulsar 220 this weekend guyz… gr8 2 hear that there’s a biking group in NAMMA MADRAS… 🙂 I wanna join your group.. i’ll be able 2 join u guyz once my RUN-IN PERIOD gets over in about 2 weeks’ time..


29 09 2011
gurvir mundi

P220 is the best bike in a country

29 09 2011
gurvir mundi

It is best from yamaha r15 also.

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