Long Termer Review : BAJAJ Pulsar 180 ug 2.1

27 06 2007


REDLINER RIDE: pulsar 180 ug2.1

REDLINER : #18 Suren (a.k.a) PoweRband

Ever wondered why is this indian government so stupid abt importin motorbikes ,and at last we end up with products that don t even deserve to be called a motorcycle ! but this has a flipside too ,this makes some manufaturers to try something to satisfy the average joe who needs performance with a performance motorcycle ! and one such product , or maybe even the first of its kind is the BAJAJ pulsar 180 .

DATE AQUIRED : 9 th AUG 2005

MILEAGE : 10200 kms


The ride is ok and can do wonders with a stiffer suspension setup ! otherwise it ain t too soft either ,for hard riders stiffening up would be a better option ! overall :7/10

the pulsar 180 ug2.1

the handling is a slick and is good for cutting traffic ,but when u reach a corner its like in no mans land , u need to slow down to take the corner otherwise it understeers a lot ! overall:7/10

The brakes are very good and the disc upfront is very good and any good rider would feel secure to brake late , the rear brakes are ok and tend to lock at moments ! overall:9/10

Expenses on parts related to ride (shocks setup n stuff ) = nil

Expenses on handling parts =changed the cone fork which got a little too tght and led to crappy handling

Expenses on brakes= disc pads have been chnged twice


The engine feels a bit stressed but still performs really well and the response is also good, with proper maintainence like timely oil change and proper carb tuning the engine performs wonderfully well ,and the revs rise quickly with no lag reaching the powerband with ease .The clutch after excessive engine braking and hard shifts looks to have worn out and requires a chnge soon Overall = 9/10

The gearbox is a bit notchy ,the usual bajaj stuff .. and false neutral occurs with ultimate ease if u don t concentrate on the shift ! so u need to ride a lot to find the optimum speed and time where u can shift with no false neutrals and then it ain t a problem ! but still for new riders and careless riders who complain about the machines it is diff to shift !Overall:6/10

Expenses on engine : the usual oil chnge and nrml bike maintenence stuff alone

Expenses on gearbox : Nothin actually


The performance is top notch ! and has just got better with the engine getting better with every km , there was never a drop in performance of the bike ! , the top speed (as on the speedo) achieved is 125 kmph (single rider 70kg) the acceleration is vgood till 60 (good enuf to b a zma) and then the bike takes some time to reach 100kmph and even more to reach the top whack!Overall:9/10

The fuel consumption is vgood when u ride sane ,and it does not burn ur pocket when u ride hard ,its the best bike u can get now if u want proper fuel consumption and performance together . BEst Efficiency : 43kmpl ; Worst ever : 29kmpl ;Average:38kmpl overall:8/10

UPGRADES : A MICHELIN pilot sport 130/70 section For the rear and it performs expcetionally well over the stock rear tire ! COST= 3200 rs


One of the best bikes in the country which satisfies the thirst to some extent for the small percentage of performance enthusiasts ! with proper maintainence and care should be a great buy bike to have OVERALL : 8/10
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The BIMOTA TESi 2D review :

20 06 2007


<< salute the futuristic Race bred BIMOTA tesi 2D

Bimota one of the pure italian bike manufacturer has been goin through some difficult periods , but still they prove the phrase again !” ITALIANS INNOVATE “!

Bimota is back. Thanks once again to the largess of Italian ultra-entrepreneur Roberto Comini (who bankrolled Bimota’s last failed comeback), the Rimini-based boutique-bike manufacturer now offers three new models. Two of them are conventional–for Bimota, anyway–and powered by 996cc Suzuki V-twin engines, the SB8K Gobert Replica and the Santa Monica. But as if to highlight Bimota’s phoenix-like revival from the ashes, there’s also the reborn Tesi 2D, a modern iteration of the Ducati 888-powered Tesi 1D I raced for Bimota more than a decade ago, winning the ProTwins class twice at Daytona.

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The 2007 yamaha R1 review :

13 06 2007

The 2007 YAMAHA R1 <<< The YAMAHA R1

The yamaha R1 since its launch in 1999 has been a style icon and benchmark to beat among the other litre class bikes and has been a very effiecient track tool ! and tops the sales in Europe and Asia. This mindblowing bike with a power to weight ratio of more than 1.2:1 and sexy looks has stolen the hearts of millions of people all over the world and it just gets better this 2007 .Check the reviews of this phenmenon here from the top motorbike sites !

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THE DOCTOR with the 07 R1<<<THe R1 chassis and slipper clutch are direct from MOTOGP with few mods to suit the road bike !

The 2007 R1 has been rocking in the SUPERBIKE racing 2007 season too with the YAMAHA MOTOR ITALIA team in the hands of #11 Troy Corser and #41 Noriyuki Haga . Haga is currently second in the championship astride his works YAMAHA !>>

Haga astride his works YAMAHA R1 ! <<< NITRO NURI astride his works YAMAHA R1

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