Animals Vs Cars Part 1

8 06 2007

Its been just another boring holiday day. So today since i am so jobless, i have come up with a equally jobless article. Today is the comparison between cars and animals. Yeah this has been an age old joke and a great time pass. But this time we are going to look at it in a scientific method :D. Btw this has been totally inspired by a crazy conversation in top gear about animals.


4WD Supercars

Let me see, The contestant from the animal Kingdom is nothing short of the one and only Cheetah the fastest mammal on the planet. The automobile industry is represented by the ultimate of its class the Ferrari Enzo. Now let the contest begin.

Lets start with size and weight:

Since they are suppose to be fast size and weight have a negative effect… i.e. large size leads to the contestants downfall. Animal weighs 40 – 65 kgs (Nature aint very accurate huh?? :D) and the car weighs an amazing 1365 kgs. Oh my god, the enzo is loosing ….. badly. Alright lets not talk anymore about this… onward to the next category.


Here i got to say i always thought it was going to be the enzo. I really did. But then i saw this…..

You may be wondering, hey wait a sec where is the video for the enzo. Well coming rite up

K. Here i let u guys reserve judgment. I cant make up my mind. Next Category…


Well here i am not sure how i can compare. As seen in the vid the cheetah seems to be capable of almost making 90 degree turns if it wants to but handling at high speed is not gr8 but it oversteers. Therefore in this category the cheetah wins.


Ok this is the only category which everyone is really waiting for. The one that really matters. Lets see some stats.


  • Top Speed: 110 kmph +
  • Acceleration: 0-110 kmph in under 3 sec 😀 (crazy!!!)
  • It can reach speeds of more than 105 kmph in short bursts up to 460 metres.

Enzo Ferrari

  • Top Speed: 350 kmph +
  • Acceleration: 0-96.56 kmph (60 mph) in 3.14 sec 😛
  • Quater mile in 11 secs !!

Hmmm… what do u guys think is the better performer?? Acceleration or Top speed. I choose Acceleration. So the cheetah wins hands down …..


Let me see. I can see a lot a irritated faces by now. Ya i know it is a stupid comparison. CARS RULE… etc.. etc… But when you think about the power and majesty of both. Ill bet you will be smiling for the cheetah. Therefore this weeks article on Animals vs Cars concludes in the favor of the animals. Long live Nature. Read up next week for none other than Rear Wheel Drive Monsters….. You can guess what vehicle i am talking about. 😀


At high speeds the cheetah uses its tail as a rudder to steer itself. Now the enzo raises its tail (spoiler) to create enough down force for grip so that it can steer. 😀

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One response

26 07 2007

ha ha nice one dude.. u sure were vetty.. nature does rule n tats y we humans still rule the planet cos v end up makin up for all our shortcomings.. can a cheetah make an enzo??? nah no way 😛

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