What Our Fore Fathers Used To Ride

29 07 2007

This a new section that i’m starting up called “wat our fore fathers used to ride” in short WOFFUTR. Now agreed that’s a very lame acronym, if you all can come up with better ones please let me know. I actually wanted to replace the fore fathers with well F***ing fathers, but due to the strong nature of that word and what it implies and being used in conjucntion with father and all, i figure it’ll hurt some sentiments, but if u like that one better (which i personally do pls do let me know 😉 ) other options are

“stone age rides/sex pistols”

” flintstone’s fantasies”

“neanderthal horses”

What this section is about is, as you can tell from the plethora of names, classic bikes, retro bikes.. anything old with a history an endearing charm etc etc.. it can even be a pathetic bike but it’ll have an interesting story too.. So people i await your comments as to what this section should/will be called and will put up an article on the Kwacka Z1..




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