F1 Silverstone Qualifying

8 07 2007

Hey guys well looks like the fiasco is shooting up another step. Guess what a third team is involved and the name spoken is Honda. It seems team boss Nick Fry spoke to Nigel Stepeny the Ferrai defaulter just before he got caught. Another interesting piece of info is both the McLaren and Ferrari defaulters worked for Lotus. Go figure that out :). Anyways both teams seem to be breaking out of the clouds unscratched but the final verdict will be out only after three weeks. Meanwhile the stage is set for race day at Silverstone with Hamilton at pole. Second in line is Kimi with a difference of 0.1 secs. Third is Alonso and fourth is Massa. The interesting part here the difference in time between the first and forth qualifiers is just 0.3 seconds. Looks like it is going to be a very competitive race and I hope Kimi wins.






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