What is happening??

5 07 2007

Well well more updates form the F1 scene and the race has not even started. Alright I want to put this nice and big.

Ferrari suspects very highly sensitive information has leaked out to McLaren and they have run to High court in London for assistance.

This issue is getting weirder by the minute. Ferrari says a third party outside F1 and cops has suggested that another McLaren personnel might have sensitive information belonging to Ferrari. Hmmm….. I wonder who the third party and is it outside the realms of possibility that Ferrari might have someone working McLaren to know thisinformation??. The race is getting hotter by the second. Never thought these two companies with adopt to such dirty tactics.


Meanwhile it is predicted rain for this race weekend and Hamilton seems to be all set for winning. The good news for him and the bad news for Ferrari is Formula One chief Bernie Ecclestone said there is “no way” Lewis Hamilton will be docked points whatever the outcome of the Ferrari-McLaren spy row. He has stated that in this case it is clear that the driver is not responsible for this and if there will be any penalty it will be awarded only for the team championship. But he has left a fine line. He has stated that if it is possible to prove that McLaren cars performance has been increased due to the information stolen from Ferrari then the drivers too may be facing problems.

Dont miss this action at the weekend in silverstone. The race has gone nuclear 😀 .





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