4 07 2007

Hey guys…..

Guess what Kimi is back… yeah i know i sound a bit lopsided since he has won only two races this season… but he is the best [:D]. Anyways even more interesting news I came across on the net. This is a direct quote from the BBC network.

McLaren are embroiled in a spying row following claims one of their leading staff illegally received information from arch-rivals Ferrari.

What is this all about I wonder. I am a McLaren fan, but something is awfully fishy over here. First and foremost if they were spying why leak the info?. Even more weird is that McLaren says that the info got from Ferrari employee is not known to any McLaren employee. I wonder if that is possible. The final coupe de grace is McLaren has admitted to this fiasco a week after team manager Nigel Stepney of Ferrari was caught and thrown out. The teams are really at war over here. Lets see what happens in the British Grand Prix at silverstone.


And as usual it is all out war between the new guy and the former world champion. Man McLaren is facing a lot of heat. Alonso is claiming that now the team will rather prefer Hamilton to win at his home ground. Alonso seems to sound more irritated after every race. Maybe he is facing a hard time with a newbie outshining him. bkgl






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5 07 2007

hmm …at last some F1 news ! and its a controversy ! …guys do some article on the entry and the performance of this young super hero hamilton !

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